— Published 3 May 2021

A historic figure for the torch relay

Nothing comes easy for the Olympic torch relay, since its departure on March 25th from the Fukushima prefecture. But its journey through the peninsula continues as well as it can. The two stages organized in Okinawa, Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd May, gathered about 180 torchbearers. Among them, a “historic figure” of the relay: Miyagi Isamu, 78 years old, known in Japan for having been the first runner of the torch relay during the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. In Okinawa, the runners did not take the initially planned routes, as a preventive measure against the coronavirus. On Sunday May 2nd, the pathway was organized in the alleys of the Peace Memorial Park (Itoman City), but without any spectators. The next stage of the relay will take place on Wednesday, May 5th in the Kumamoto prefecture.