— Published 25 July 2022

A historic commemoration

A first in the Olympic history. The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) organized on Saturday, July 23 a ceremony marking the symbolic date, and unpublished, of D – 10 years before the beginning of the Games of Brisbane 2032. Never, indeed, a city had been able to declare itself Olympic, and to mark the beginning of a countdown, a whole decade before the Games. Designated since last year, during the session of the IOC in margin of the Games of Tokyo, the capital of Queensland marks so the history of the Olympic movement. A first that the AOC wanted to celebrate, even if the organizing committee is still in its infancy and still looking for a general manager (he should be recruited before the end of the year). According to the initial dates, which could still be brought to change, the Games of Brisbane should take place from July 23 till August 8, 2032. On Saturday, July 23, a series of very family commemorations was proposed to the public on the waterfront, with the slogan “Our Time Starts Now”. Brisbane and Australia plan to host more than 30 international sporting events over the next ten years.