— Published 17 March 2021

A historic and phenomenal success

The servers were saturated and the wait was at times interminable, but the launch of the pre-sale phase of the first tickets for the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France on Monday March 15th was a “historic and phenomenal” success according to Claude Atcher, the president of the organising committee. He explained this on Tuesday March 16th during a videoconference: “All the tickets available in the Team and City packs for this first phase of sales have found buyers. Throughout Monday, we sold 310 000 tickets in less than 12 hours. After some research, the World Cup or any sporting event has never been so successful and aroused such collective enthusiasm”. The organising committee admits despite everything having experienced a bug of less than 10 minutes, about an hour after the launch of the online sale, “between 1:06pm and 1:10pm, then between 1:15pm and 1:18pm“. But Claude Atcher specifies: “We are sorry for this side effect linked to the number of simultaneous connections. We understand the disappointment, but we take it on a first come, first serve basis. We voluntarily wanted to open the site and the sale of tickets to everyone at the same time. Fairness, accessibility and transparency are first come, first served”. The next phase of the ticketing, Thursday March 18th, will put on sale 300 000 new tickets, but still reserved for 540 000 people registered for the “Family 2023”. The sale to the general public will begin on April 6th, with another 300 000 places available.