— Published 19 January 2021

A global challenge in virtual mode


Athletics seem to have a taste for the virtual. World Athletics announced in a statement that the organising committee for the 2022 World Cross-Country Championships, scheduled for the Australian city of Bathurst, has teamed up with Japanese equipment manufacturer Asics to offer a virtual world challenge. It will start on February 1st and will run until March 21st, 2021, the initial date of the World Cross-Country Championships (they have been postponed to February 19th, 2022 due to the health crisis). Open to individual runners and teams, it will allow entrants to compare themselves with each other, from a distance, with age categories from 7 to over 70 years old and distances adapted to each of these age groups. At the end of the competition, the top 10 in each category will be invited to participate in April 2021 in the global final of the Global Challenge, still in virtual form. Note: the competition is open to everyone, regardless of level, but it is not free. Registration costs $10.