— Published 30 December 2020

A glass more than half full

The health crisis reduced the international athletics season to a shine, but doping controls continued. The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU), the independent body entrusted by World Athletics with leading its anti-doping program, reveals that in 2020 it completed more than 60% of the tests planned in its original plan. They confirm having been able to overcome logistical constraints and the difficulties of traveling around the world to carry out their mission. Since last June, the AIU has carried out 252 in-competition tests, during 28 national and international meetings across five continents. In addition, the AIU explains that it has decided not to change its ranking of countries for the year 2021. The national federations of Bahrain, Belarus, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and Ukraine therefore remain in category A, which includes the so-called risk countries in terms of doping in athletics.