— Published 25 January 2021

A gesture towards the national federations

Umar Kremlev, the new president of the AIBA, had promised not to hang around. He keeps his word. Meeting last week for the first time since the election of the Russian leader last December, the executive committee of the international boxing body decided to exempt national federations from their annual membership fees for the year 2021. A decision motivated by a desire to help them face the economic difficulties caused by the health crisis. The AIBA executive committee has also decided to impose higher standards of governance on member countries than in the past. The leaders of the national federations must all be democratically elected, without the slightest influence or intervention from the political authorities. Member countries should inform AIBA of the holding and results of elections for their leadership positions. Finally, each national federation must send the AIBA an annual report, no later than February 28th, on its organisation, activities and projects.