— Published 15 May 2023

A German bid is conceivable

Germany continues to move towards a possible bid for the Summer Games in 2036. The Minister of the Interior and Sport, Nancy Faeser, suggested in an interview published by the news website The Pionner that an Olympic project led by Berlin was “imaginable”. This is despite the delicate timing, one hundred years after the Nazi Games in Berlin in 1936. “The 1936 Games were awful, the Nazis organised these Games and wanted to make a spectacle of themselves,” she explained. But it is also conceivable that a historical memory work could be done at the place where it happened, where the exclusion, the contempt for humanity took place. For Nancy Faeser, Germany must seriously consider an Olympic bid, for 2036 or another date, in order to make the country even more credible in its criticism of the respect of human rights during major sporting competitions. “If we demand these criteria, then I think we should set an example with a German bid for such a sporting event,” she said. The German Olympic Committee (DOSB) launched a broad consultation and feasibility study on an Olympic bid last year, but did not decide between the Winter and Summer Games. It has also not been decided which edition to campaign for.