— Published 19 August 2021

A fund to help indebted clubs


The information was revealed by the New York Times: UEFA has reportedly prepared a rescue fund for European clubs. It is substantial: about 6 billion euros. The European football body is said to have taken out loans from several banks and investment companies in exchange for a guarantee on future revenues from continental competitions. The aim of the fund is to help European clubs that are most indebted because of the sanitary crisis to get back on their feet. Once the money is released, they will be able to apply for a loan from UEFA at a favourable rate. Their debt will therefore increase again, but at least they will be able to restructure it with lower interest rates. The targeted clubs would, unsurprisingly, be the most successful in European football, and therefore often the wealthiest, qualified for the Champions League, Europa League and Europa League Conference. The funding they would receive would be indexed to the revenues to be received from these competitions. UEFA must still obtain the agreement of the clubs before launching the process.