— Published 19 May 2023

A forgotten update

Stade de France

Bad timing. In the middle of the polemic about the price of the tickets for the Olympic Games, in particular for the athletics events in the Stade de France, the COJO Paris 2024 recognized to have made an error on the program of the competitions put on line on the official platform of sale of the places. It concerns eight sessions of athletics. Tony Estanguet, the president of the organizing committee, explained that the online version corresponded to the old program established by World Athletics. The new version, different from the first, was not updated by the OCOG. Of the eight sessions concerned, three will offer the public a greater number of events. But for the other five, the poster is less attractive. Still according to Tony Estanguet, the OCOG is currently working on solutions to repair this error. It is planned to write personally to each person who bought tickets for the sessions concerned, to try to break the deadlock without harming other buyers.