— Published 2 December 2020

A first victory for the players

It is done. Or almost. The players of the United States national soccer team have won their first bout against their federation (USSF) in their battle for equality. The two sides filed a notice of settlement on Tuesday (December 1) in federal court in Los Angeles, California. The document attests to an agreement reached between the players and the federation on the same treatment for men and women regarding the conditions of travel, accommodation, training and personnel of the national team. The two American caps will now be treated equally. The players filed a lawsuit against their federation in March 2019. They not only demanded travel and preparation conditions identical to those of the boys, but also the same salary and compensation grid. On this second point, the issue is still unresolved. The first step passed, and won, the American internationals plan to turn to the United States Court of Appeal to win their case also on the subject of wages and salaries.