— Published 22 June 2022

A final bill of 10.5 billion dollars

Finally. Almost a year after the event, the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee has unveiled the final cost of the last summer Olympic and Paralympic event. As expected, it is astronomical. But the bill is less than expected. In total, the Tokyo Games cost 10.5 billion dollars (1.4238 trillion yen), almost double the budget presented during the bidding phase. A hefty sum. But a very official estimate had anticipated a final bill of $12.2 billion. According to a report by the organising committee presented to the executive council on Tuesday 21 June, the savings were made by reviewing all the contracts for restoring the sites to their original configuration and condition. As announced, the bill will be shared between the organising committee, the Tokyo metropolitan government and the Japanese government. The former is expected to pay a share of about US$4.7 billion, financed by private funds (partners, IOC subsidy, merchandise). The remainder, approximately $5.8 billion, will be paid by taxpayers.