— Published 10 October 2023

A double award without suspense

D-Day. At the end of its Executive Committee meeting in Nyon (Switzerland) on Tuesday 10 October, UEFA is due to award the 2028 and 2032 editions of the UEFA Men’s EURO. This double award – very much in vogue in the sporting world – will be preceded by a formal presentation of the competing bids. But this will not be enough to keep the suspense alive. Barring an extremely unlikely scenario, the die has already been cast. Euro 2028 will be awarded to Great Britain and Ireland, the only countries in the running since Turkey withdrew last week. The following edition, scheduled for four years later, will be played in Italy and Turkey, the two countries having chosen to present a joint bid, also without rivals. For the occasion, UEFA will have to bury a point in its regulations stipulating that the Euro can only be played in neighbouring countries. As a reminder, the 2024 edition is to be played in a single nation, Germany. Ticketing for the tournament (14 June to 14 July) was officially launched on Tuesday 3 October, with the first registration phase open until Thursday 26 October.