— Published 19 October 2023

A demonstration against the judges’ tower

Tension in Tahiti, where the surfing events of the Paris 2024 Games are due to take place. L’Equipe reports that a demonstration in Teahupoo, the competition site, brought together around 500 people opposed to the construction of a tower in the lagoon for the judges. At issue was the cost of the project and, above all, its presumed harmful impact on the biodiversity of the seabed. According to the plans of the COJO Paris 2024, the building will be made of aluminum. It will be accompanied by an 800-meter underwater pipeline to supply it from the shore. Cost: 4.4 million euros. The protesters also denounced the lack of consultation and transparency in the management of the project. They propose several alternatives, including the use of a wooden tower, its photovoltaic power supply from a floating plant or a generator, or the positioning of journalists and officials on land on an elevated platform.