— Published 11 October 2023

A deep disappointment

The announcement by the Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee of the five additional sports proposed to the IOC did not make everyone in the Olympic movement happy. There was considerable disappointment among those who failed to make the list – breaking, karate, kickboxing and motor sport – who have been forced to pin their hopes on the Brisbane 2032 Games. For breaking, which will make its Olympic debut next year in Paris, the blow is a hard one. The President of the International DanceSport Federation (WDSF), Shawn Tay, makes no secret of the fact that the body is “deeply disappointed” by breaking’s absence. But the Singaporean still believes in the discipline’s Olympic future. “We need to ensure a successful breaking debut at the Paris 2024 Games, as our performance next year will define the future of dance sport within the Olympic movement, he explains. Our campaign to be present at the Brisbane 2032 Games has already begun. It is being led by our first vice-president, Tony Tilenni, who is Australian. The French side was equally disappointed. Charles Ferreira, President of the French Dance Federation (FFDanse), told AFP: “It’s really sad news for us. In view of the work that the federations have been doing for years and the enthusiasm shown by the public, we were hoping that the breaking would be renewed. But this was not the choice that was made. The sports that have been selected at this stage are very American or English-speaking.” Breaking, which was ruled out for the Los Angeles 2028 Games, will not disappear from the scene after Paris 2024. The sport is on the programme for the 2026 Youth Games in Dakar, Senegal.