— Published 26 February 2021

A decision on spectators at the end of March

Who do we believe? On Wednesday February 24th, IOC Director of the Olympic Games, Christophe Dubi, hinted to the media that the decision on spectator attendance at Tokyo 2020 would be taken at the end of April. But the very next day, the new chair of the organising committee, Seiko Hashimoto, delivered a much earlier version of the schedule. She suggested that the announcement of a decision, or at least a trend, could come when the Olympic Torch route starts on March 25th. “It would be better if we could present a full-scale plan on the matter to the public as soon as possible“, she told the media after a meeting with Koji Murofushi, the former sports director of the organising committee, now in charge of the Japanese Sports Agency. End of March or end of April? Obviously, Lausanne and Tokyo do not share the same vision on the subject. The Japanese want to decide without delay. At the IOC, the trend seems rather to be expected. They will be given an opportunity next week to tune their violins, during a videoconference meeting between the IOC, IPC, and the organising committee.