— Published 4 October 2022

A congress against a background of controversy

The movement is gaining momentum. After Norway and Ukraine, two other countries have announced their decision not to attend the next Congress of the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG). Poland and Estonia will not go to Istanbul next month. The four protesters want to express their opposition to the presence of the Russian and Belarusian leaders at the congress. Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the FIG has banned athletes from both countries. But, like the IOC, the body still accepts their leaders. The FIG Congress was initially supposed to be held in Sandefjord, Norway, but it was moved after the Norwegian Gymnastics Federation announced that Russian and Belarusian officials would not be allowed to participate. It will therefore be held in Turkey, as last year. The President of the Russian Gymnastics Federation, Vasily Titov, is member of the FIG Executive Committee. The Belarusian Nellie Kim, on her side, occupies one of the three seats of vice-president of the body.