— Published 14 January 2021

A competition for young reporters

The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) is inspired by the IOC. It announces the launch of its first international competition for young reporters. They will appoint two young people, boys or girls, invited to cover the next edition of the MMA World Championships on site, scheduled for November or December 2021 in Nur Sultan, Kazakhstan. The two winners will be chaired by media and Olympic expert, American Steve Wilson, an associate of the Associated Press. Their travel, accommodation and daily expenses will be covered by the IMMAF. They will receive training remotely, before the event and then on site. Their work, written and audiovisual, will be published on the official platforms of the IMMAF. The competition is open to young aspiring reporters from around the world. The only conditions are: not to be a professional journalist and to be under 26 years old.