— Published 24 February 2021

A balance sheet that challenges

The figure leaves you speechless. The Guardian daily reveals in an investigation published on Tuesday February 23rd that more than 6 500 workers from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka have been killed in Qatar since the start of the preparation for the Cup World Football Championship 2022. This result was obtained by cross-checking data from the governments of these five countries since 2010, the date of the award by FIFA of the next world tournament. Also according to The Guardian, the actual number of deaths could be even higher, because data from other countries, including the Philippines and Kenya, which have many nationals working in Qatar, was not collected. The British daily is more nuanced in its analysis of the cause of these thousands of deaths. It does not relate them all to the work on the stadiums and infrastructure of the 2022 Worlds, but believes that it is “likely” that a large part of them are linked to these projects. Officially, 37 workers among the 6 500 are said to have died on the stadium sites, but 34 of them are not considered as work accidents by the organising committee. According to the government of Qatar, the death toll is proportional to the number of immigrant workers present in the country. It includes “white collar workers who have died of natural causes after living in Qatar for many years”.