— Published 28 April 2023

A 52% success rate for the agent’s licence

The average. And a little more. FIFA has announced the results of its first football agent exam. No less than 3,800 candidates were selected to try their luck, out of 6,586 applicants. In the end, 1,962 of them, or 52%, obtained the necessary mark to obtain a licence. The licence allows them to work as agents all over the world. The results were communicated to the candidates on Thursday 27 April. However, those who failed are not yet eliminated, and will be able to try again on 20 September 2023, then in May and November 2024. The licensing system is one of the pillars of FIFA’s new agent regulations, which have been implemented to strengthen the professional and ethical standards of the profession. Following the current transition period, the use of licensed football agents will become mandatory from 1 October 2023.