— Published 3 June 2021

A $100,000 fund to help athletes


World Triathlon has broken its piggy bank because of the sanitary crises. The body has announced that it has released an envelope of 100,000 dollars to financially help the athletes preparing for the Olympics who are most affected by the effects of the pandemic. A total of 23 athletes and para-athletes from 11 different countries (Azerbaijan, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Morocco, Philippines, South Africa, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine) will each receive US$3,000 to help cover the travel costs to the qualifying events. The remaining $31,000 of the total fund will be allocated at the end of June to the same 23 athletes, but based on the number and length of the trips athletes will make during the period. World Triathlon says it has received 28 applications from 14 different nationalities since the fund was announced. To be eligible, triathletes had to be registered, in good standing with their national federation, and also be eligible to compete in World Triathlon’s continental and world competitions.