— Published 7 September 2022

8 + 5 = 13


It’s done. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has published the list of thirteen athletes who will sit on its new twenty-person Athletes’ Council. A first group of five was appointed by the IOC and IPC Commissions. They are, in alphabetical order, Kenya’s Humphrey Kayange (rugby 7s), Finland’s Emma Terho (ice hockey), the Netherlands’ Jitske Visser (wheelchair basketball), Poland’s Maja Martyna Wloszczowska (mountain biking), and China’s Hong Zhang (speed skating). The other eight athletes were elected in a two-round ballot. A total of 59 of the 61 WADA-recognised International Federations’ Athletes’ Commissions voted in the first round (96.7% turnout), followed by 45 in the second round (73.8% turnout). The eight elected are as follows: Ivan Cosic (para volleyball – Croatia), Clare Egan (biathlon – USA), Jennifer Harss (ice hockey – Germany), Dora Hegyi (gymnastics – Hungary), Kristen Kit (rowing – Canada), Rodolopho Riskalla (equestrian – Brazil), Ella Sabljak (wheelchair basketball – Australia), Alessia Zecchini (underwater sports – Italy).