— Published 7 October 2021

450 million computer attacks

Tokyo 2020

The figure speaks volumes. But it is misleading. According to the organisers of the Tokyo Games, no less than 450 million cyber attacks on the last Olympic and Paralympic event were thwarted by the security services. That’s a lot. But according to Trend Micro, a company specialised in cyberterrorism prevention, the scale of cyberattacks was less important than at the London 2012 Summer Games, where 2.3 billion attacks were recorded, and the PyeongChang Winter Games in 2018 (600 million), because of logistical reasons: as there were no spectators at the venues, and therefore no data about them, the hackers were unable to use the ticketing information to penetrate the organising committee’s defences. The cyber attacks began on July 23rd and ended after the Paralympic Games were over. They were mainly aimed at the official Tokyo 2020 website and the organising committee’s intranet. “We were able to prevent the cyber attacks without causing any damage,” explained the Japanese organisers. “This is the result of information sharing and countermeasures taken by all parties involved”.