— Published 5 May 2021

13 players for one match

euro 2020

With just over a month to go before the event, UEFA unveiled on Tuesday, May 4th, the details of the sanitary measures planned for the Euro 2020 soccer tournament (June, 11th to July, 11th 2021). The number one measure is the possibility for teams heavily affected by COVID-19 to have their matches postponed up to 48 hours to bring in new players. Under the European body’s exceptional arrangement, matches will be played at scheduled dates and times if each team can at least enroll 13 players, including a goalkeeper. If not, a match could be “rescheduled within 48 hours”, possibly at another venue. A team responsible for a game not being played will forfeit, the equivalent of a 3-0 defeat. Its federation will be subject to UEFA’s disciplinary actions. Euro 2020 is scheduled to be played in 11 European cities, with at least 25% of the stadiums’ capacity filled. The competition schedule calls for 51 matches over 31 days, with only a few rest days.