— Published 10 August 2023

100,000 dollars the record

World Athletics is back at it again. Athletics’ world governing body has announced the extension of its world record reward program to the Budapest World Championships (August 19 to 27, 2023). As was the case last year in Eugene (USA), an exceptional bonus of $100,000 will be awarded to any athlete setting a new world record in the Hungarian capital. For the men, the cheque will be signed by the Japanese brand TDK, a long-standing partner of world athletics. In the women’s category, the bonus will be paid by World Athletics via its new online platform, Inside Track. At last year’s World Outdoor Championships in Eugene, two world records were broken, respectively by American Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone in the 400 m hurdles and Sweden’s Mondo Duplantis in the pole vault (photo above). World Athletics has also unveiled the prize packages for the finalists in each of the individual events at the 2023 World Championships in Budapest. The gold medal will be accompanied by a cheque for $70,000, silver by $35,000 and bronze by $22,000. For the other five finalist places, the grid ranges from $16,000 (4th place) to $5,000 (8th place). For the relays, World Athletics will distribute between $80,000 for the gold medal ($40,000 for silver, $20,000 for bronze), and $4,000 for an eighth and finalist place.