— Published 19 July 2022

At six years of the Games, Los Angeles 2028 advances the time

A chance of the calendar, nothing more. The organizers of the Games of Los Angeles 2028 announced officially, Monday, July 18, the dates of the Olympic and Paralympic appointment in California. The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games will take place on July 14, 2028, day of the French National Day. A chance of the calendar in the shape of wink, four years after the Games of Paris 2024.

In the file of candidature, Los Angeles 2028 planned the Olympic Games to straddle July and August (July 21 to August 6), then the Paralympic Games also to straddle two months (August 22 to September 3). But, surprise, the Californian organizers advanced their date.

The Olympic Games will take place from July 14 to 30, 2028. They will be the earliest of the history for Los Angeles, whose two Olympic events had begun respectively on July 30 in 1932, then on July 28 in 1984.

For the Paralympic Games, the Americans also innovate, with competitions planned from August 15 to 27. They will be the first of the history organized in California.

As a reminder, the Paris 2024 Games will take place from July 26 to August 11 for the Olympic version, then from August 28 to September 8 for the Paralympic counterpart.

Janet Evans, the multiple Olympic medalist in swimming, now in charge of athlete relations at LA 2028, explained it on Monday, July 18: “Today marks the official countdown to the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The LA28 Games will be unlike any other, showcasing the best of Southern California’s exceptional stadiums and world-class culture to athletes and fans alike. This milestone makes the Games real for every athlete actively training for their LA28 dream and the fans who follow the journey.”

Same promise of greatness from Casey Wasserman, LA28’s president. The Californian repeats a speech already heard many times during the bidding phase: “Los Angeles is an ambitious city with infinite possibilities, where the Games will be a reflection of our community. LA will provide the perfect backdrop to host the world’s greatest cultural, sporting and entertainment event.”

Anything but a coincidence, the official announcement of the Games dates came during Thomas Bach’s visit to Los Angeles. The IOC President had started his American tour last week in Birmingham, Alabama, to make his presence felt at the 2022 World Games. He continued his journey further west with a stop in the future Olympic city.

Accompanied by Nicole Hoevertsz, the president of the coordination commission of the Games of LA 2028, Thomas Bach offered himself a visit of the sites. It did not reserve him any surprise, the Californian file foreseeing for the main part to use already existing equipments, including for the village of the athletes, foreseen on the campus of the University of Southern California (USC).

The German leader was also given a hands-on presentation of some of the initiatives and achievements of the PlayLA program, dedicated to the development of youth sports. Thomas Bach was able to verify that the IOC money was spent as written in the contract, the Olympic body having agreed to invest 160 million dollars in the program, in return for the agreement with Los Angeles to give up the Games in 2024 and accept the 2028 edition.

Thomas Bach did not hold back his praise: “Six years before the opening ceremony of the Los Angeles 2028 Olympic Games, this is already a significant legacy, making a noticeable difference in the lives of over 100,000 children. This program will help attract new fans to Olympic sports, and leave a sports legacy for generations to come.”

A legacy, already, six years before the first competitions. Very strong. But, less happy timing, the beginning of the countdown to the Los Angeles 2028 Games comes at a time when the NBCUniversal group, holder of the broadcasting rights until 2032, is preparing to close its Olympic channel. Launched in 2017, it will stop broadcasting on September 30.