— Published 16 December 2020

Dubi, Estanguet, Infantino : the FrancsJeux podium for 2020

The sporting Francophonie community would no longer be what it was, they say. It would have given way to the growing influence of the Anglo-Saxon world. Perhaps. But francophones are still numerous in the Olympic movement. Many, above all, to influence decisions and the course of history.

With the prospect of the Paris Olympics in 2024, then the Youth Olympic Games in Dakar in 2026, the trend should strengthen further. A new generation of Francophone leaders and executives will undoubtedly emerge from these two major events in the Olympic universe.

The sporting Francophonie is still breathing, therefore. But with who ? Who are its most influential actors, its most listened to voices, its most influential personalities ? To find out, FrancsJeux surveyed a panel of experts. With the stated ambition to establish a ranking – the first of its kind – of Francophones who have marked the Olympic movement in 2020.

A jury was formed. It is made up of media representatives, international consultants, representatives of FrancsJeux partners (AFCNO, A2FT, BeSport, Bloch Consulting, IFSO, Spartner). Each of them was presented with a list of about 50 nominees. They had to extract twenty names, then rank them according to their influence over the past twelve months.

The results speak volumes about the presence, and even more about the weight, of Francophones within the international sports movement. The top trio is an illustration of this : Christophe Dubi, IOC Olympic Games director, major player in the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics ; Tony Estanguet, President of the OCOG Paris 2024, called to climb again during the next Olympiad ; Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA, the most powerful international sports federation in the world, who became an IOC member at the start of the year.

The women ? They remain in the minority. They are five, only five, to point in the standings, of which only two – Nawal El Moutawakel and Valérie Fourneyron – in the top 10. Five out of twenty. At a time when the IOC has established parity at the Paris 2024 Games, sports institutions are still lagging behind.

This ranking will not go unabated. It is set to become an annual meeting of FrancsJeux, in an identical format, with a publication at the end of the year. Christophe Dubi, whose interview will be published Thursday, December 17, opens the list of awards, at the end of a year in which nothing has gone as planned in the Olympic movement. Nice start.

The ranking

  1. 1. Christophe Dubi (Switzerland), Director of the Olympic Games at the IOC (178 pts)

2. Tony Estanguet (France), President of the OCOG Paris 2024, member of the IOC (177 pts)

3. Gianni Infantino (Switzerland), FIFA President (171 pts)

4. Nawal El Moutawakel (Morocco), Member of the IOC (161)

5. Christophe De Kepper (Belgium), Director General of the IOC (159)

6. David Lappartient (France), President of the UCI (147)

7. Olivier Niggli (Switzerland), Director General of WADA (135)

8. Pierre-Olivier Beckers (Belgium), President of the Belgian Olympic Committee, member of the IOC, President of the Coordination Commission for the Paris 2024 Games (119)

9. Valérie Fourneyron (France), President of the Independent Supervisory Authority (117)

10. Hamane Niang (Mali), President of FIBA ​​(98)

11. Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura (Senegal), FIFA Secretary General (97)

12. Albert de Monaco (Monaco), IOC Member (96)

13. René Fasel (Switzerland), President of the IIHF, IOC member (63)

14. Jean-Christophe Rolland (France), President of World Rowing, member of the IOC (60)

– Ahmad Ahmad (Madagascar), President of CAF (until November 23, 2020) (60)

16. Joël Bouzou (France), President of the World Olympians Association (WOA) and Peace & Sport (57)

17. Gian-Franco Kasper (Switzerland), President of the FIS, honorary member of the IOC (50)

– Denis Masseglia (France), President of the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (50)

19. Zeina Mina (Lebanon), Director of the International Committee for the Games of La Francophonie (47)

– Lydia Nsekera (Burundi), Member of the IOC and of the FIFA Executive Committee (47)

The Jury

Marc Chevrier (AFCNO), Audrey Delacroix (A2FT), Edouard Donnelly (BeSport), Diamil Faye (Jappo), Charlotte Girard Fabre (IFSO), Séverine Townsend (JTA), Ed Hula (Around the Rings), Alain Lunzenfichter, Julien Mauriat (Bloch Consulting), Alain Mercier (FrancsJeux), Elise Morel (Olbia Conseil), Emmanuel Pionnier (AFP), Rachel Pretti (L’Équipe).